Quadra Homes is a large developer of luxury condos and high-end townhomes operating in BC and Alberta. Over forty years, retired company Chairman John Redekop built many quality residential and commercial development projects in British Columbia and Alberta. Company President Michael Redekop C.A. and C.E.O. Peter Warkentin lead an experienced team.

Quadra’s roots began in the agricultural sector and the Redekops still have very significant agricultural operations in British Columbia. In 1964 the Redekops moved into the construction industry.

The Quadra Homes mandate is to build luxury homes with five principles as goals:

  • We want our homes to be a great investment for our home owners
  • We want our buyers to take pride in, and love living in their new homes
  • We strive to create exceptional architecture
  • We want our homes to be such high quality that they have low maintenance costs
  • We are members of Canada’s Green Building Council and we strive to create homes with a low carbon impact